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Both our churches offer full disabled access (ramps) and disabled toilets. At Caversham Heights the ramp is accessed most conveniently from the car park to the north of the  building, entrance directly off Woodcote Road. At Gosbrook Road disabled access is easiest from the car park to the left of the church building on Ardler Road. We are two Methodist Churches serving distinct communities in Caversham, but working together, with other churches, to serve a common purpose: proclaiming in word, worship and action the love of God for everyone. People bonded in Jesus, in partnership with others, striving to make a difference in our communities.
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Home Page: who we are, what we believe, what we do --- welcome! This Week: find out what’s going on in the next week or so. Our Partners: discover what is happening in the chuches which are our partners in mission and service. Explorations: the world of ideas, issues, questions, book reviews and prayers There is also a page Using This Website which at present includes a little guidance about how to use the website successfully. It also includes a very simple opinion gatherer. Please help!
These links are also available on the menu at the top of every page in this website, under the heading Both Churches. At present they are referred to simply as Home Page, This Week, Our Partners and Explorations. This may well change when we have used the website a bit more.
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