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Church Life
Our life and work as a church is focussed on a set of themes adopted by the Methodist Church as a whole in 2000, and developed since. It reminds us of Our Calling as a Christian community, and its themes are: Worship; Learning & Caring; Service; and Evangelism. Our Mission Statement was adopted by the Church Council on 9 October 2007. The Eco-Congregation Project is an ongoing commitment of our church to care for the environment and promote justice Prayers for the World of Work is, as its name suggests, a collection of prayers for people at work. It consists of three groups of prayers. The first addresses the various experiences of and attitudes to daily work that people may have. The second highlights the fact that right across industry and the public services there are common job functions. The third group attempts to cover a wide range of industry sectors by name. Cracking the Theology Code is an evolving structure that attempts to offer an introduction to what Christian Theology is about. One of the difficulties facing such an enterprise is the rather strange language that professional theologians use. If what theologians study - some have called it "faith seeking understanding" - is so important, then surely it should be expressed in more easily accessible language. This series of web pages attempts such an enterprise. It may not succeed, and suggestions and comments are very welcome. You will find these under Both | Other Resources on the menu above.