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Caversham Heights
Mission Statement
Mission  Statement (adopted in 2007) Caversham Heights Methodist Church is committed to respond to the Gospel of God’s love in Christ and to live out its discipleship in worship and mission Statement  of  Objectives We aim: IN  FAITH to learn what it means to be disciples of Jesus, as individuals, in groups and as a church, and to recognize and respect the insights of all, and especially young, people into what it means to follow Jesus IN  WORSHIP to celebrate and explore our relationship with God in worship to affirm and cherish the place of young people among us IN  FELLOWSHIP to welcome all people, in Christ’s name, as children of God to help all people, young and old, to grow as Christians, through mutual support and care to be a good neighbour to people in need IN  RESOURCING In its mission the church is equipped by God’s grace. We aim to help people discern and use their own gifts and talents to offer back to God the gifts He has given to each of us to use wisely, in fulfillment of our mission, the assets and opportunities God has given us IN   MISSION to care for, and to encourage others to care for, this world which, by God’s grace, we inhabit and enjoy to challenge injustice, exploitation and oppression to make more followers of Jesus Christ -Note: a formatted version of this page, over a watermark of the Five Fold Ministry Logo, is available as a download from