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Caversham Heights
Our Calling - Service
SERVICE The Church exists to be a good neighbour to people in need and to challenge injustice How do we discover the needs in our community and respond to them? Who is involved in service to the community through charities or community groups? Are there opportunities for more of us to become involved? How do we give attention to the moral issues raised by daily work? Do we share with one another our concerns about things which do not seem right, or cause trouble in our community, or appear unjust? How do we challenge injustice in other parts of the world? Are we making the best use of our premises and our money for service to the community? Are we wasting resources? Are we spending our time and resources in ways which are consistent with our beliefs and values? How does the life of our community, and our involvement in it, feature in the prayers of the church? What are our plans and targets for improving our community involvement over the next year?