Both Caversham Heights Gosbrook Road
Recent Events, early 2011
For many years Stay-Awhile has been a feature of our church’s life. Through it we have provided a regular Monday lunch and meeting point for the elderly and housebound, with games and singing. After a short break a new team has taken over the task of running Stay-Awhile. On 27 February 2011, during morning worship, the team was commissioned and dedicated.
On Palm Sunday, 17 April, we joined with friends from nearby St Andrew’s Anglican Church for a procession with a donkey, followed by short open-air act of worship at our church
Clergy: on the left Revd Linda Smith, Vicar of Woodcote (who was our guest preacher that morning), Revd Jenny Dowding (who led the service) and Revd Nigel Jones, Vicar of St Andrews (who had the idea of involving the donkey) Serious walking here! The donkey remains calm and patient throughout
On 22 April, Caversham Heights hosted the ecumenical Good Friday Service in which we were joined by friends from Caversham Baptist Church as well as from Gosbrook Road. The flexibility of the new interior was exploited to the full, as can be seen in these photographs.
Caversham Heights