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Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults We are of course delighted to see young people and vulnerable adults in church on Sundays, and young people coming through our doors most days of the week. This puts us in a position that is both fortunate and responsible. For as long as those young people are on our premises, or in the care of one of us, we are legally responsible for their safety. As a charity we are required to take certain steps to ensure their safety. Chief among these is the requirement to make sure nobody is allowed to work with children who has a conviction or caution for an offence against a child. The way in which this is achieved is through the Criminal Records Bureau, which on our behalf will check that people involved with children do not have such a conviction or caution. Various levels of check are available depending on the nature of the work people are doing in the church. To be asked to undergo a CRB check is in no way a suggestion that you ever have or ever would carry out an offence against a child. It is something the church has to do, partly to protect the children in our care, and partly to ensure that the church does meet the legal requirements. A full statement of these requirements is available on a website. Click here to find out more. We urge everyone, and particularly those whose activities in connection with the church might at some time involve children, to have a look at this website and become familiar with: the paperwork involved in obtaining CRB clearance; normal routine procedures for making sure that children are actually protected, and also that the church is protected against accusations arising from malice or misunderstanding; the procedures that have to be followed if a complaint is made. The Methodist Church has set out a Statement of Principles which should govern all our work, prompted by the particular need to protect children and vulnerable adults from harm. At a meeting of the Church Council on 9 January 2012 these principles were given local expression in the form of a Policy Statement.
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