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LoveRussia is a charity that supports orphan children in Russia
With other churches across the world we have been supporting the Racecourse School in Kitwe, Zambia
Traidcraft fights poverty through trade, helping people in developing countries to transform their lives.
REinspired volunteers deliver RE lessons on Christian topics in the local RE syllabus that range from Christmas and Easter sessions that you might expect, to more challenging topics such as Death and Difficult Questions.
Fun and friendship for kids during school holidays
a Reading charity committed to helping local people who are in need
Fighting injustice in the treatment of fathers whose families are separated
First Aid, Emergency Response and a great deal more
A few days of friendship, fun, stimulating ideas, games for older folk who wouldn’t otherwise get a holiday
Every Monday a lunch club for older folk who don’t otherwise get out much
Members  of  this  church  are  actively  involved in  serving  the  community  through  these  organizations and  activities  --  and  in  a  host  of  other  ways. Could  you  become  one  of  them?
In our building we also host a number of other activities that serve our community: All Sorts of Everything Caversham Heights Pre-School The Caversham Heights Society Rivarate Choir Kumon Maths teaching
Caversham Heights
Serving the Community
Holiday Club