Both Caversham Heights Gosbrook Road
Visitors from Zambia, April 2007
In April 2007, a party of visitors from Zambia converged (yes, that is the right word) on Caversham Heights. Here are just two of the many photographs that recorded this very exciting occasion. One of the many highlights of the visit took place at Church on Friday 13 April 2007, when the visitors and their local hosts were invited to a meal.  
Immediately after the meal, the visitors moved into the church to rehearse their contributions to morning service the following Sunday. (l to r) Thomas Kalongo, Lembe Sivile, Leyson Mwale, Muimui Sinyama, Naomi Chibolela, Eve Mulenga , Yvonne Manyoni, Estella Chanda, Cynthia Mwita, Ringthone Mumba and Frank Zulu
... and this video clip reminds us of their exuberant singing
Caversham Heights