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Zambia Link
In the late '90's, through some friends of our then Minister, who were Mission Partners teaching in the Theological College in Kitwe, Zambia, we made contact with the United Church of Zambia at Mindolo. They were planning to build a new church to replace their existing building and the opportunity to help support their effort coincided with the Jubilee 2000 initiatives. By March 2000 it had become a major feature of our outreach and fund raising efforts. In 2002 two of our members spent some time in Zambia enjoying the hospitality of the Church and bring us news of the progress of the Church building. At the same time they brought news of two other projects; The Race Course Community School and Mpongwe Bee-keeping Enterprise. In October 2002 Church Council decided to adopt these additional Projects as well as continuing to support the Church building. Further feedback was available when our then Minister and her husband visited Mindolo for 2 weeks in early 2003 taking with them considerable funds which they were to spend on supporting these ventures. Also in January 2003 two of our younger members visited Zambia and brought back news of the development of the Race Course School Project and other activities that were being undertaken with funding from our Church. However the Church development at Mindolo had run into problems having decided to expand beyond the original anticipated size. As a result our funding need to be handled directly from Reading rather than allowed to be spent as the Mondolo congregation might have wished. The Mpongwe Bee-keeping support was also terminated at this time since further development seemed to have stagnated. So our efforts were now directed solely to the Race Course Community School and have remained in that direction ever since. The appeal in 2003 also raised the awareness of our Zambia link and a number of our congregation committed to donate on a regular basis to the Race Course School Fund. These donations and a few other regular and irregular fund raising events have enabled us to continue to send over £4200 per year to the Race Course School to support the teachers for the past 7 years. In April 2007 we were privileged to host a group of the RCCS Teachers and members of the Mindolo Church and Staff from the Theological College of Zambia who were passing through the UK on their way home from Canada. They joined in our worship and taught us some rousing "calling" songs to enliven proceedings. Our latest communication with the School indicates that the successes it has achieved have brought with them additional costs in terms of more teachers and a need for more resources. This will need to be addressed if we are to be able to increase our giving in this direction.