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Gosbrook Road
Welcome to Gosbrook Road Church
Welcome to Caversham Methodist Church Gosbrook Road Open to God;     Walking with Jesus;     Serving God’s world We are a friendly, hospitable church community committed to serving the people of our neighbourhood. You will find here friendship and understanding, as well as opportunity to join in and help if you wish. But of course you may prefer – at least for a while – to remain in the background. That is absolutely fine. Our job is to welcome you, not pressurise you into over-commitment. We are of course a Christian Church. We believe in and trust the God that Jesus believed in, and whom he acknowledged as his Father. In Jesus we see the deep and ongoing relationship with God which is our model. Each of us tries to live according to that pattern set by Jesus. It is the guide to the whole life of our church, welcoming people whoever they are, supporting people however great their problems. But we can’t do it without God’s help. And this is why we gather every week to express our thankfulness for everything that God gives to us in Jesus. One or other of us is usually leading the morning service, and is very happy to talk, either then or later in private. If we aren’t there, then a Church Steward will be able to point you to one of us for help if they can’t provide it themselves. Church Stewards usually wear a name badge. These pages describe our beliefs, life and work under three headings: a description of what our church means for us, an attempt to explain what the Methodist Church is, and a description of our church’s activities.