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We are now engaged with our local Anglican colleagues in a 3- to 4-year project called Partnership for Missional Church. This will be a journey of discovery, of ourselves and our calling as churches ... together! The five questions listed alongside will form the road-map for the journey. In the first year the emphasis will be on listening, to God,  to each other, to ourselves, to our community, and to Scripture. Luke 10:1-12 records the time when Jesus commissioned his disciples and sent them to every town he intended to visit. This will be the focus of our Scripture work for the first year, as we engage with the passage together, through a practice called Dwelling in the Word. Look at the image below. It attempts to summarise the purpose of this project. Thank about it, pray about it, and stand by for whatever God is calling you to do.
Where are we? in our journey of faith as disciples and as a congregation. Where is our community? how is it changing? Whose are we? Where is our identity? Where do we find our sense of belonging? What’s God up to? In the stories of our own lives, our congregations, our communities, how do we see God? Can we see hints of the continuing journeys that lie ahead? How is God sending us? What does this mean for each of us, for God’s call and claim on our lives? How might we live into God’s promised future? This is not just about the next three years. God’s time is for ever.
Partnership for Missional Church
in Caversham