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This website has seen significant change in recent weeks (April/May 2018), particularly in its  ‘front end’ -- the customer face. The Menu has been modified to indicate more clearly the entries that apply to both church as well as those that are of particular interest to one church or the other. Under Both Churches there is a group of four entries (above the blank line) that together make up this, we hope more welcoming, introduction -- plus this page. These four pages are: the Home Page, which is simply a friendly welcome and introduction; This Week which sets out what is about to happen in the next ten days or so; Our Church Partners draws together facets of the life and work we share with other churches; and Explorations which offers a chance to encounter other issues and ideas. Some of the menu entries (under any of the headngs) will open a new list to the right. It is sometimes easy to ‘lose’ you mouse pointer when moving to such a sublist. To avoid this, first clilck your left mouse button on the main drop-down list; this should hold the sub-list open while you manoeuvre your mouse!
When you click on a link to another page in the website, it will open under a new tab on your browser. This can be changed when the website is uploaded to the server. It is a matter of debate, even amongst website designers, whether it would be better to open the new page in a new tab, or in the currently open tab, thus overwriting the page you are looking at. So your webmaster has two possibilities: A. open every page in a new tab (as now) or B. open  every new page in the current tab.  In case A, you the viewer simply click on the newest tab at the top of your browser. In case B, you simply click the  browser’s back button.  I would prefer to base this decision on what website visitors want. Please let me know by email here.               In
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