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in Caversham
What is Church about? 1: Faith and Worship
FAITH AND WORSHIP Time for God Worship is many things. At any one moment it will mean different things to different people. Over time its meaning will change for an individual. Words like saying thank you, celebrating, sharing problems, discovering ourselves, caring for other people, making peace, working for justice – all these have their part to play in worship. We sing hymns and songs as a good way of expressing shared thoughts and feelings. Sometimes the music is traditional, sometimes it is modern. During worship we do quite a lot of listening. We listen to the Bible being read, and a preacher explains what the Bible means for us today. We also spend time in silence, quietly absorbing what God has said to us through the Bible reading and preaching. Worship is about focussing our lives upon God. It’s not an entertainment devised to amuse us. Worship will change us. Some people will see that change very quickly; for others it comes over time. We worship at 10:30 am and 6:30 pm every Sunday. The morning service is usually more lively and “busy”, and there is provision for children and young people. Families with young children will always be welcome.