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What is Church about? 3: Mission
MISSION Sharing the Good News Part of our life as a church means getting involved with the needs of the wider world, whether it’s the community in Caversham or the whole world. This involves us taking a real interest in the lives other people lead, and often raising money to help them. Many people in the world are suffering terribly, whether from the cruelty of other people or from the consequences of natural disaster. We can often do something to help, and part of our commitment as a a church is to do just that. But we are a Christian Church because Jesus has made a real difference to us. And we can’t keep quiet about that. So, we try to invite other people to share in what we have been given. It happens in Sunday worship, and it happens in house groups. But it also happens when we chat to a neighbour, befriend a stranger, listen to someone who is unhappy.